Marketing strategy, planning and execution

Seeking a new perspective? Want to discover new possibilities? Need to bring new life to your marketing? Struggling to figure out what opportunities matter most? Or, searching for the path forward? Lean on FiddleSmart Marketing. Our services work with you to dig deep, stretch your thinking, break through roadblocks and propel your business forward.

Get Strategic Insights

Identify problems and discover solutions

Is your sales growth anemic at best? Are you faced with making a key decision but want a second opinion? You know your customers and business better than anyone. And yet, sometimes being so close to a challenge or problem makes it hard to see the obvious solution. Learn how a Strategic Insights Analysis provides the objective viewpoint you need and serves as a catalyst for change. We dive deep to understand the dynamics of your customers and products. You get insights into what’s driving results. You learn where to focus your efforts to revitalize sales. And, you discover ways to deliver some quick wins. Gain the knowledge you need to get performance back on track.

Fine Tune your Marketing

Fine tune your marketing with a focus on the fundamentals

Are you showcasing your best products enough and in the right places? Do you rely on superior product features, prices, quality or service to stand out from the competition? What things are you doing that make it hard for people to understand your offer or give you their business?  Just like musical instruments, your marketing needs periodic tuning to perform its best. With a Marketing Tune Up, you’ll discover small tweaks you can make to get more customers and increase sales. If your marketing program is running on a wash-rinse-repeat cycle, it’s time to fine tune your story.

What we do 1

Upgrade and expand your marketing program where it counts

Need to launch a welcome program? Dreaming of building an awareness program to engage prospects before they have an intent to buy? Want to mail a catalog? Or, do you know something needs to happen, but you don’t know where to start? Let us do the hard work for you. Combining our expertise with yours, a Marketing Renovation is designed to review current results, expand what’s working, eliminate what’s not, focus on what’s going to make the biggest difference and build a launch plan for what’s next. You walk away with new ideas, a detailed action plan, and months or years cut off your learning curve.

What we do 2

Boost your team's performance with extra manpower

Are daily demands getting in the way of working on your most important marketing improvements? Do you have the action plan but can’t find the time to work it? Ramp up the capacity of your team with some Marketing HorsepowerGet the seasoned experience you need without the expense. We work outside of the day-to-day distractions your team faces. As a result, deadlines get met, and projects get off the ground.  And, based on your needs and goals, we’ll work with your internal team or an external network of providers to execute the plan and grow your business.

What we do 3

Build your team's marketing knowledge and know how

Want to stretch your team with a new way of thinking or approaching problems? Do you have a wealth of marketing materials but don’t know how to use them to grow your business? Need an outside voice to keep you on track, help you bust up roadblocks, and make things happen?  Let us share our knowledge, insights and experience with your team as a Marketing Coach.  We’ll help your team become more effective marketers. Customized training, facilitator-led workshops or regular check-in meetings are all options.

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