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Had enough with the marketing tactics you "must do" to grow?

New marketing strategies, tactics and channels seem to surface every day. Change happens fast. Email. Social Media. Direct Mail. Video. Content Marketing. Search Engine Marketing. Business Listings. It’s hard to keep up. Much less determine what marketing tactics make sense for you, your personality and your business model.

Want to uncover sustainable growth opportunities for your small business?

When you work with FiddleSmart Marketing as a strategic marketing partner, you get someone who helps you see through the noise and clutter. Someone who digs deep to understand your business and where to focus your efforts. Someone who pieces the strategy together so you can reach your goals.

smart marketing strategies that fit your business

Is your marketing strategy and plan in need of a renovation? Are you...

a fighting marketing strategy

There’s probably 1 – 2 things that, if changed, would make all the difference. But, sometimes you’re too close to your business. You can’t see the obvious problem, challenge or solution. You need an objective viewpoint, insights and analysis to put performance back on track. Put someone in your corner to help you win the key battles. And, restore vigor to your sales.   

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competitive marketing strategy

A winning marketing strategy builds upon your strengths. It doesn’t chase the competition. Do you know what products and categories drive the success of your business?  Keeping a focus on the health of your products is vital to sustained success. And, featuring winning products in the right places can make or break your next marketing campaign.

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marketing strategies can reduce frustration

Every time someone stops, thinks, searches or needs to process, you risk losing the sale. Have you taken steps to make it easy for people to do what you want them to do? Do your marketing materials focus on clarity and make things easy to understand? The right tactics nudge people along the path. Minimizing mental friction leads to better results.

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marketing strategies you can take to the bank

There’s no such thing as a perfect marketing plan or campaign. With testing, incremental gains can improve even the most successful marketing campaigns. The world is changing faster and faster every year. To remain effective, a smart marketing strategy flexes based on opportunity, changes to correct course, and never gets “put to bed.”

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the promotional marketing trap

There’s a place in every marketing plan for a well-timed promotion. But, if your business relies only on price, features, service or quality to differentiate itself, you’ll always be chasing the next transaction. Loyalty starts when your audience makes an emotional connection to your cause. A strong marketing plan brings your cause to life. Stop knocking your head.

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Home 1

Too many times, teams do a little bit of everything in hopes something works. While you may hit the target, you don’t know why. And, if you don’t know what works, you end up wasting money.  By studying the behaviors of your customers, you can target your spend on specific windows of opportunity, plus the tactics and channels most likely to work.

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The days of marketing being simple are long gone. Today, marketing is complex. There's an incredible number of tactics and software solutions being sold by experts. Sorting through it all is exhausting. And, what others are selling may not be the most important strategy for your business right now. Schedule some time for a consultation. And, let's work together to figure out one thing you can do to make a difference.